Spruce Up Your Business Parking Lot for Spring with Pressure Washing

Winter can take a huge toll on your upstate New York business, especially given the salt, sand, and road chemicals that hit your parking lot during that time. By the time spring rolls around, it can be virtually impossible to tell where the parking lines are located! You may want to consider a parking lot pressure washing session for your Rochester business to get a fresh new look this spring.

Let’s start by looking at the main reasons why businesses have their parking lots pressure washed. They recognize that dirty parking lots impact business negatively, that it can be hazardous to people walking on it through slip and fall injuries, and that it can cause long-term damage to the parking lot.

Beyond making the parking lot more appealing, why else should you have your parking lot pressure washed?

  • Pressure washing is more cost-effective in the long run. A clean, well maintained parking lot saves you money from several sources, including accidents, repaving, restriping, and increased sales.
  • Pressure washing increases parking lot lifespan. As a form of preventative maintenance, pressure washing preserves your parking lot surface quality. Pressure washing removes salt and sand that can damage that surface.
  • Pressure washing protects the earth. When oil and chemicals build up on your parking lot, they can flow off and enter streams and rivers. Pressure washing removes this runoff before it leaves your lot.
  • Pressure washing reduces liability. When grease and oil have been allowed to build up on your lot, they can lead to slip and fall accidents. At the same time, trash can cause tripping accidents.

By taking the time to having your business parking lot professionally pressure washed, you can ensure that customers feel welcomed and safe in your location. If you need help with parking lot pressure washing for your Rochester business or need a cost-effective pressure washing provider, the experienced professionals at All Clean Power Wash are ready to help. Please reach out to our friendly team today with any questions, for more information about our professional services, or to schedule an appointment.



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