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Welcome to All Clean Power Wash, where we rejuvenate home and business exteriors with precision power and pressure washing! Serving Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo, and across Upstate New York.

All Clean Power Wash LLC is a premier provider of power washing and soft washing services.

We’ve been delivering trusted and reliable power and pressure washing services to Rochester and Upstate New York for over 10 years. All Clean Power Wash is a full-service company providing exterior soft washing for houses, roofs and everything in between, including wood/composite decks, wood/vinyl fences, paver/concrete patios, paver/concrete walkways, gutter cleaning, gutter whitening, holiday lighting and junk removal. Located in Manchester, southeast of Rochester, we offer power and pressure washing for commercial and residential properties across Upstate New York.

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At All Clean, we can wash a variety of surfaces due to our knowledge, training and professional cleaning equipment. We do not restrict ourselves to one or a few surfaces, we can clean anything and everything on the exterior of your home/property, including the roof, siding, decking, fences, patios, walkways, pavers, concrete, gutters, windows and more!

Your home siding should be cleaned once, sometimes twice a year depending on your location, exposure to certain environmental situations, weather, and humidity. Your roofing, again depending on certain conditions and environment, should be cleaned every few years (2-5) for proper maintenance and upkeep.

Soft washing is a low-pressure cleaning method. Soft washing is ideal for keeping surfaces like decking, fencing, roofing, siding, gutter exteriors safe from being damaged by high pressure applications. To protect all your valuable assets on the exterior of your home, soft washing methods are the preferred and professional method used by All Clean.

This is a widely asked question amongst homeowners. The answer to this question is, yes, it is safe and highly effective! Bleach (AKA sodium hypochlorite) is a combination of water, salt, and electricity. The only time it is not safe, is when you hire a company who is not properly trained or inexperienced. All of All Cleans technicians are OSHA certified and trained in chemical application. Bleach is the ideal product to use in exterior cleaning because it effectively kills and treats the organic growth living and dwelling on your surfaces. Roofing and siding manufacturers also highly recommend using this product for proper upkeep and maintenance.

Like many homeowners, you have other services being done at your home like, pest control and mulching. We get asked this question a lot and the answer is we ideally would like to be the first ones in before a bug treatment or mulching but if the schedule does not allow us to we can complete the services after. After a bug/pest control treatment we would want to clean 3-4 weeks after the spray. If you have fresh mulch down, we can clean immediately after, and will do our best possible not to disturb the fresh mulch. Please do keep in mind, fresh mulch does make it very difficult on our technicians, especially around walkways and patios. All Clean operates from March until December, as the weather allows.

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